Making An Effortless Move: 7 Ways To Streamline Your Long Distance Move

The reasons for moving are many and usually positive, such as when relocating offers families a higher income, more opportunities or the chance to live closer to other family members, friends and loved ones. The actual moving process, however, often ends up being much less enjoyable. This is especially true when the move involves a distance of hundreds or thousands of miles. If you are planning to relocate soon, consider using some or all these tips to help you streamline and facilitate your moving process from start to finish. 

Make a plan and work the plan

Careful planning is the most important factor in determining whether your move will go smoothly or be hindered by problems and delays. If possible, begin planning and creating a helpful timeline at least three to six months prior to the expected date of your move to assist you with each preparation. Important points that may need to be addressed in your moving plan include the following: 

  • determining an actual moving date
  • securing a new home to rent or buy in the city to which you will be moving
  • handling the details involved in selling your current home or ending your current lease, if you are renting 
  • arranging utility and service connections at the new home shortly before you arrive and scheduling disconnections of the same in your current home
  • arranging school enrollments and transfers, if you have children
  • arranging daycare in your new city, if needed
  • obtaining moving quotes and booking a moving company
  • making sure that any necessary medications are filled prior to the move
  • having family medical, dental and school records transferred to your new providers
  • having vehicles serviced just prior to the move, if you will be driving them to the new home and arranging appropriate shipping, or if you will be traveling by some other means

In addition, it is also very helpful to include tasks on the timeline that you will do during the months prior to moving day that will help make the process easier, such as sorting and disposing of unneeded or unwanted items. By noting them, you can easily set goals to help ensure these tasks are done and not postponed or forgotten.

Book the mover early

One of the most stressful parts of moving often occurs when families wait too long before booking their moving company and then discover that the dates they need to reserve are unavailable. Instead of taking this risk, remember to contact the moving company you want to use as soon as you know you are moving to reserve the day or days you will need. Remember, too, that moving companies are often their busiest during the summer and during other times when children are typically on breaks from school, such as spring break and during the semester break at the end of the year, making it additionally important to schedule as far ahead as possible. 

Consider all options for large or heavy items

Long distance moves can be costly, especially when it comes to moving large, heavy or bulky items, like appliances. If your appliances are older or will not match or fit into your new home, consider selling your current ones and purchasing new ones in your new location from an appliance dealer who offers free delivery and setup. 

Pare down clothing and personal items

Another way to save money and streamline both the actual move and the unpacking process in your new home is to be careful to move only the clothing and personal items that your family truly wants and needs. Outgrown clothing and toys, items in need of repair and personal items that are no longer used or wanted can be donated to local charities, sold at a pre-moving garage sale, recycled or discarded prior to the move. 

Arrange for special needs 

Lastly, remember to make any arrangements necessary for family pets well before the moving truck arrives. If the new home is located in a new state or city, your pet may require additional vaccinations or documentation certifying their health when crossing state lines or when residing at the new home. 

For more information and options, consider contacting a local moving company, such as Wheaton World Wide Moving.