Moving: Four Tips To Help Pack Your Storage Container

Relocating and having to move all of your personal belongings is a huge job. Keeping it all organized can help make the transition smoother when your things are delivered to your new residence. If you are using cargo delivery like a storage container, here are a few tips to make packing easier:

Shop for Moving and Storage Services  

You will want to shop around for the best rates for your upcoming move. The cost of standard cargo delivery can vary depending on the size of the shipments, if you require storage services, and how far they need to be transported. Look for a reputable company that gets good reviews from customers. You don't want to get stuck doing service with a company you have no faith in. Packing will be so much easier if you order the right size cargo. Take full inventory of your home so you can reserve a unit with plenty of space. This will give you room to organize your boxes and belongings while you have it loaded.

Clean and Purge

Cleaning and purging some of your belongings is a one way you can pack easier and have less stuff to handle at your new place. Don't move anything you might want to dump once you unpack, you don't want to pay to ship it! Packing a clean room will help you focus. Pulling out a box of clean and neatly folded clothes, you can transfer them directly to a closet or dresser. Unpacking dirty wrinkled clothes creates more work for you at your new place. You don't want to add to your to-do list while you are surrounded by moving boxes and other messes.

Use a Color Coded Labeling System

Some people find it helpful to color code boxes. You can do this by choosing a color that goes with an individual room. If you label all your boxes for the kitchen in blue, your movers will know to take all blue boxes to your new kitchen. You can post a sign at the front door of the color system so the people walking into the home know what room to head to.  

Get Creative with Packing Supplies

Packing your breakables is a big part of the moving process. It can be time-consuming and hard to find peace of mind. You can find a lot of packing padding and other supplies, but the cost of it all can add up. Try using dollar store Styrofoam plates in between your glass and ceramic plates. You can even look for free discarded boxes behind businesses that do a lot of shipping.

Use these four tips to help you get organized for your move and get your cargo unit packed properly. Doing it the right way will make your move easier and save you money!