How To Make Moving A Better Experience With Less Stress On You

If you've lived in the same home for years, raised a family, and accumulated years of possessions, moving can be an overwhelming experience. You not only have to declutter and organize everything you own, but you may also feel sad about having to leave a home you love. One thing you definitely don't want to do is put off cleaning and packing until the last minute and increase your stress. Instead, try these suggestions for a good experience during your move.

Decide On The Services You Want From The Mover

If the physical work involved in packing and moving is more than you can handle on your own, consider a full-service mover. Some services the mover may provide include packing up your belongings, taking apart your furniture, wrapping and packing your things, and loading up all your boxes and furniture on the truck. The moving service may come to your home a day or two before the move to start all the packing. You'll still need to get rid of as much clutter as you can before the movers arrive so they don't waste time or waste your money packing clutter you'll throw out once you're in your new home.

Code Your Boxes

Packing up for your move is just part of the process. You also have the big job of unpacking once you get to your new home. If you hire a full-service mover, they may do the unpacking for you. If you choose to do the unpacking yourself, code all your boxes so you can stay organized. You don't necessarily have to unpack everything at once, but there are some things you'll want quick access to. As you're packing up your things, mark the boxes to indicate if they need to be unpacked right away.

Write the contents on each box and use a color-coded sticker system to mark boxes that need to be opened right away, such as dishes and clothing, and boxes that can wait, such as off-season clothes and bedding. By taking your time unpacking, you can set up your new home so it's neat and organized with as little stress as possible. However, one thing to keep in mind is that a full-service mover will unpack your things and place clothing and belongings in drawers just like they found them, so that's the least stressful way to unpack.

Hire A Cleaning Service

Another labor-intensive part of moving is cleaning your new house before you move in and cleaning the old house after you move out. Consider if it's worth the expense to hire a cleaning service to do the cleaning for you. This will save you from scrambling to get both houses clean in the small window you may have. By leaving most of the work involved in moving into the cleaning company and movers, you will have fewer responsibilities and more time to devote to other important things you'll have to do with closing on your home, selling your house, and getting documents in order for the move.